Come home to yourself during this inspiring retreat

in collaboration with Verschil maken – Caroline de Vos

16/10/2023 – 20/10/2023

Our lives are a rat race where everything has to be bigger, better and more; not only at work but also in the domestic situation and during recreation. Earning more money, being a better parent, partner, person…Given this, it follows that more and more people burn out, living for too long on automatic pilot. When you are the end of your willpower, exhaustion takes over.

  • Do you want to escape from this ratrace; “push the pauze button”
  • Do you want to enjoy a great experience between the Rocky Mountain horses?
  • Do you want to get to know yourself better and improve the relationship whith yourself and others?

To prevent this, finding rest is essential. Finding rest is:

  • coming home to yourself
  • finding time for yourself
  • finding rest in yourself.

A lot of people are searching for this rest but have difficulty finding it.

The common word in this is “yourself”. YOU are the essence, where the journey to finding rest starts.

How would it be to:

  •            find inner rest and peace
  •            become aware of your pain, your desires, your needs
  •            connect in a healthy way to your emotions
  •            restore the connection with yourself, others and your environment
  •            learn to stay with your authentic self
  •            experience how to be mild for yourself, and self-compassion
  •            feel again your potential
  •            be able to heal yourself
  •            better understand the language of your body

This is what you will learn and experience.  During this retreat we will shift our attention to “feeling”, clarity and openness. You will discover tools and exercises you can use yourself, enabling you to grow further in your own process, in your family, in your work and relationships.

The exercises and contact with the horses will help you to find yourself, clear your head and connect with your feelings. You will become aware of what is going on below the level of consciousness’?  and will develop insights enabling you to break through patterns and unwanted behaviour.

Horses will assist you in this process as co-coaches.

Why horses?

Horses are herd animals but also flight animals. They will always be very alert in their reactions to what happens around them. They can teach us much about being mindful.

Horses need leadership and collaboration to survive. The way horses behave in contact with humans will therefore reflect how a person feels and acts towards them.

They reflect what happens inside the person working with them and react with their own body language to the behaviour of this person. A lack of congruence between thinking, feeling and acting will come to the surface.

Through exercises with the horses you will improve your self-awareness and your insight and how to integrate faster what you have learned. Because horses are naturally curious and don’t judge you or your behaviour, it is good to know you can practise with them in emotional safety.

Experience with horses is not needed!



  • registration with mattress in the group room: €700
  • group room: €725
  • double room: €750
  • private room: €800
  • private Gîte: €925
  • non-Residential incl. Lunch: €575


  • Accommodation
  • Workshops
  • Catering: 3 courses, snacks, drinks


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