Confidence-building with horses


Five day retreat led by Erica Flegg.

This is a retreat for people who love horses but have lost confidence in riding or handling them, or who would like to learn how to become close to horses but feel a little anxious. Maybe you had a frightening accident or perhaps you’ve had a long gap after having children; or maybe you’ve never had the chance to overcome a little fear despite your attraction to horses. Nobody will be made to take risks or move beyond their comfort zone; this is a therapeutic retreat and there’s no pressure. You will learn and progress as much as you are able, but most of all the aim is for you to take pleasure in being with horses and to feel safe around them.

We will work in a small group, no more than six, so each person can have individual attention. We have enough horses for everyone to find out who they connect with best and build on a relationship with that horse, or conversely to work with a number of different horses to find out what each horse elicits in them.

We will start by meeting in a group to share our experiences with horses, both good and bad, and establish goals for each person for the week. We will meet again at the end of each day for feedback and any modification of goals. These sessions will be supportive as well as a learning process about ourselves and horses.

I am experienced in leading groups as a psychotherapist and will be working to ensure each person gets heard, while maintaining a feeling of emotional containment. There will be no pressure to go deeper than you want to, but you may find it surprising what feelings come up when you relate deeply to horses!

This will not be a riding course, but if there is demand, I can show you how we ride at La Volee and you can try it out under close supervision on the property, with or without a saddle.

We love horses and we want to share that with you!


  • Private room: €625
  • Shared room: €540
  • Registration with stay in own tent: €475
  • Private Gîte: €800
  • Non-residential without dinner: €375
  • Non-residential with dinner: €425
  • Joining partner, not included in the workshops (250 euro)


  • Accommodation
  • Workshops
  • Catering: 3 meals + 3 healthy snacks, drinks


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