Moving to Normandy


Thinking of moving to Normandy?

We are offering workshops aimed particularly at people from the Netherlands and Flanders who would like to explore the area of the bocage Mortainais with a view to moving here. Erica and Natasja would host you at Erica’s lovely horse farm at La Volée outside Ger 50850.

Erica moved here from the UK in 2017 and Natasja and family from the Netherlands at the end of 2023. The Family Busters will be doing up a barn on the property of a Dutch friend near the beauty spot of Fosse Arthour, and can share the experience of what’s involved in renovating an old building. We will organise group discussion in the mornings with Q and A, and visits to local properties owned by Dutch or Belgians who have moved here to enjoy the countryside and/or to set up business here on the land (further details available soon). You can come with us to see a local market.

There will also be an opportunity to meet a friendly local estate agent who can tell you more about buying here and what’s likely to be available for your budget. Afternoons will be free to go exploring and view any properties that you arrange to see (we would only counsel that arrangements are best made with a few days’ notice because things don’t usually move fast here!).

For those able to ride, it may be possible to go out with Erica on the trails from the farm (at your own risk, paid extra). We hope you will enjoy being with a group of like-minded, friendly people looking to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, closer to nature. Rooms are available in our shared farmhouse where we will eat together, or you can rent our private gîte and join group activities from there. We look forward to meeting you!

  • group room: €350
  • private room: €375
  • private room as a couple: €500
  • private Gîte: €675 (self catered €475)



  • Accommodation
  • Workshops
  • Catering: 3 meals, snacks, drinks


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