Healing, Harp and Horses: meditation and healing with live harp music (Summer 2022)


This week with David will be a quiet, fun time of sharing, and will also offer a space for deep personal exploration.

During the retreat daily guided meditations with live harp music will help to create an atmosphere of relaxed acceptance of who and what you are. Meditation helps to quieten mind, body and spirit and release whatever tensions we are holding that can block our feelings.

To explore what healing is and how it occurs we will use The Power of Allowing to facilitate a healing space around us. The aim is to help you to experience the feeling of healing energy flowing through you and others, to understand what healing is and how you can allow it to develop in yourself.

An important part of being at La Volée is the opportunity to spend time with the horses, which can also facilitate a meditative state of being. Just grooming a horse, and talking quietly to it as it munches on hay can be very connecting for both the horse and the person – a time of sharing with another sentient being, free of judgement.

For those who are interested, Sarah will offer sessions with the horses exploring softness, feel and sensitivity – developing your sensitivity to energy and subtle movement is an essential part of effectively relating to a horse, whether on the ground or when riding.

There will be plenty of chances to enjoy Theresa’s beautiful harp music outside of the meditation sessions.

One-to-one sessions

Individual treatment sessions with David will be available for a small extra charge. Everything that happens in these sessions is totally confidential and not shared with the group (unless you choose to).


This retreat will be mainly self catering. An evening meal will be provided on arrival, and lunch on the first day. For the rest of the week, you will be expected to prepare your own meals, ideally as a group. The cost of ingredients (mainly vegetarian) will be included in the cost, with shopping done in consultation with the group. (You are welcome to purchase any special ingredients you require for yourself at your own expense.) We have found in the past that the process of sharing the preparation of meals has helped the group to bond.



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