Non-violent communication assisted by horses

in collaboration with Verschil maken – Caroline de Vos

16/07/2023 – 21/07/2023

Non-Violent Communication is based on the ideas of Marshall Rosenberg. It’s a way of communicating with yourself and others, with the purpose of meeting each other’s needs, recognising those needs and strategies and avoiding judgements. Non-Violent Communication has the goal of achieving genuine connection that allows you to take into account both your own needs and those of the other person. Starting from this connection you can meet the other without losing yourself.

Also in difficult situations or conflicts we can choose to communicate from heart to heart. Therefore, in the first instance it is important to become aware of how we want to communicate and each person has to take responsibility for his/her own feelings and thoughts. This retreat will introduce you to the model of Non-Violent Communication. Central is the intention to connect, determining your own needs and the ability to understand the needs that are the inner motives for our thoughts and feelings.

What will you learn?

  • to differentiate what you observe and the way you interpret it
  • to become aware of the feelings behind the words we use. This will give you the ability to formulate what is really important for you
  • to listen carefully and inquire as to what is important for the other 
  • to differentiate your needs from your strategies, to create more possibilities to fulfill your needs and what is important for you to formulate your questions as well as possible (clear, honest, balanced and concrete).

Horses will assist you in this process as co-coaches.

Why horses?
Horses react and communicate from their natural instinct and that is Non-Violent Communication in its most pure and natural form. That is why we can learn so much from them. They are herd animals but also flight animals. They will always be very alert in their reactions to what happens arround them. They can teach us much about being mindful. Horses need leadership and collaboration to survive. The way horses behave in contact with humans will therefore reflect how a person feels and acts towards them. They reflect what happens inside the person working with them and react with their own body language to the behaviour of this person. A lack of congruence between thinking, feeling and acting will come to the surface. Through excercises with the horses you will improve your self-awareness and your insight and how to integrate faster what you have learned. Because horses are naturally curious and don’t judge you or your behaviour, it is good to know you can practice with them in emotional safety.

Experience with horses is not needed!


  • registration with stay in own tent or mattress in the group room: €700
  • group room: €725
  • double room: €750
  • private room: €800
  • private Gîte: €925
  • non-Residential incl. Lunch: €575


  • Accommodation
  • Workshops
  • Catering: 3 courses, snacks, drinks


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