Healing and therapeutic retreats with David

David gives individual sessions and group retreats in our beautiful yurt. Retreats combine development of participants’ own innate healing abilities with deep inner work. He offers Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, massage, Ilahinoor and The Power of Allowing.

You may wish to create your own personal retreat centred on healing, or enjoy one or more sessions as an enhancement to your stay here. Group leaders have found that the availability of David’s individual healing sessions have been supportive to their group process.

David offers one to one sessions on a donation basis.

About David’s work

For almost three decades David has been successfully treating clients who arrive with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions – often after trying many other treatments which have failed to help. Most have discovered that not only do their symptoms improve or disappear – but they experience increased well being in many areas of their lives.

This is because David works at a level which allows the release of core traumas (often unconscious) which are at the root of most life limiting conditions, bringing the whole system into balance, thus allowing physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

During a session David facilitates a very safe space which allows his client to open to a deep place of trust, where there is unlimited potential for healing and transformation. His innate ability to access this realm is supported by a great depth of integrated knowledge and understanding of the working of the body/mind systems. David is a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and practitioner and teacher of massage, a Reiki master, and he practices and teaches the Ilahinoor transmission which supports embodied awakening. Although he can offer specific therapies most of David’s work nowadays draws on his understanding of the essence of all true healing, which he refers to as The Power of Allowing.

David has facilitated many retreats in the UK, Poland, France and Spain, including at his cave house in Andalucia.


The Power of Allowing

David uses this term to describe what he understands to be the essence of his healing work. He shares this in small group retreats where participants discover, explore and develop their own innate inner wisdom and healing ability.


Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive, hands-on session for the whole body. The client is fully clothed and the practitioner’s touch is gentle and very light .There is no movement given by the therapist, although they may follow any energy movements that your body shows. Therefore any movement you experience is totally your own.

This surprisingly potent therapy facilitates a space where the body can express its own inherent health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It allows the body’s nervous systems, which are constantly sending and receiving information, to communicate with the practioner without speech. Craniosacral therapists are trained to understand how a correctly functioning healthy nervous system performs, and how to use highly sensitive perception skills to recognise physiological and psychological changes.

By sensing where the nerves are not at ease, through the quality of the cerebrospinal fluid which covers all the nerves in the spinal colomn, the practioner is able to determine where in the body an imbalance is occuring, and can act accordingly; not by doing but by allowing space for the body-mind system to bring itself back into balance.


This popular Japanese energy healing technique is a gentle yet powerful way to treat the whole person – body, emotions, mind and spirit. The practitioner acts as a channel for the universal life force energy, allowing beneficial effects that include profound relaxation, and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki treatment can support and facilitate recovery from illness and injuries, and promote change in all aspects of life.

The ability to channel Reiki is given by attunement from a Reiki master. There are three levels – Reiki One for self healing, Reiki Two which allows you to practice on others, and the Master level which is for experienced practitioners to deepen their practice and attune others. Each level is given during the course of a day – David offers this on a one to one basis. 



A transmission which promotes an opening into expanded states of consciousness beyond the thinking mind, while remaining stably anchored in the body and connected to the Earth. It is usually given via a series of hand positions as an exchange between two people, or in a group. David can teach this one to one or as a group workshop.

When the Ilahinoor energies and consciousness land and integrate within us, they can catalyze a deeply embodied experience of unity….

Ilahinoor awakens the realization of embodied divinity, a Oneness with all of Life. This is the unified consciousness of life itself, the innate, omniscient, omnipresent presence that pervades all of creation. The prime purpose of this intelligence is to further life, to see all of creation flourish and become more abundant. 

    Ilahinoor is most often experienced as a soothing, nurturing energy, easily assimilable by virtually everyone. This soft, descending energy is often experienced as gentle waves moving through various parts of the body, down into the abdomen, pelvis, and, sometimes, the legs and feet. It brings a deep sense of relaxation, a peace within the body that makes one feel comfortable and at home there.”

Extract from The Luminous Self



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