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“My South African childhood left me with a love of open spaces, horses, and sunshine! My former breeding stallion Uhuru was named from the Swahili word for freedom or liberation, because I resolved that he should never be stabled. My connection to Africa was expressed for many years through anti-colonial and anti-apartheid solidarity activism and academic work in African studies.

“After having two sons as a single parent, I trained as a psychotherapist in the psychodynamic tradition, working with groups and couples as well as personal therapy. I moved into family court work, doing risk assessment and therapy with violent families.

Defying caution, rather late in life and with no previous experience, I also became a horse breeder, which is how I got to know Sarah – we both had children at a democratic school in Devon, and she and David came to ride with me on Dartmoor.

I now want to use my life experience to help people in the growing fields of nature and equine therapy. As an eco-socialist I also love to support the next generation! My greatest passion is to ride the horses I love so much, out in the landscape and without bits or horseshoes.”



Kris and Elisabeth

We discovered La Volée when volunteering for one of their retreats and fell in love with the place immediately: the beauty of the natural environment, the free-living horses and Erica’s natural horsemanship approaches. We’ve both ridden horses since we were very young, and found this place to be the perfect location to realise our dream of organising events that change peoples lives and make a real difference to their health and wellbeing, while developing skills with horses and land management. 

Kris: “I’m a passionate woodworker and handy on all levels. I love to share my knowledge and know-how with others. I love to cook for our guests and make participants feel at home while on holiday”. 

“I, Elisabeth, love to take care of people. I want guests of La Volée to leave with precious, lasting memories. We have two lovely young daughters who share our passion for horses, and we want to raise them with the same values of living in connection with nature. It’s a beautiful environment in which to raise them. They are true hostesses, helping to prepare meals and rooms, showing you around on the property and helping to get your luggage in your room!”

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