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“My South African childhood left me with a love of open spaces, horses, and sunshine! My former breeding stallion Uhuru was named from the Swahili word for freedom or liberation, because I resolved that he should never be stabled. My connection to Africa was expressed for many years through anti-colonial and anti-apartheid solidarity activism and academic work in African studies.

“After having two sons as a single parent, I trained as a psychotherapist in the psychodynamic tradition, working with groups and couples as well as personal therapy. I moved into family court work, doing risk assessment and therapy with violent families.

Defying caution, rather late in life and with no previous experience, I also became a horse breeder, which is how I got to know Sarah – we both had children at a democratic school in Devon, and she and David came to ride with me on Dartmoor.

I now want to use my life experience to help people in the growing fields of nature and equine therapy. As an eco-socialist I also love to support the next generation! My greatest passion is to ride the horses I love so much, out in the landscape and without bits or horseshoes.”

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